There has been an interruption in our live streaming due to failure of BOTH our service providers occuring about 12-1-2020.

We are now able to live stream once more from Vision Net (2-7-2021). The format is 1080p (High Definition). Vision Net's server is able to adjust the download speed to match your device. I have viewed the live stream using Windows 7 and Edge,and it should be viewable on most other devices.You can access the live stream using the underlined link: live streaming for possibly weeks, technical difficulties.

We have recently been able to live stream our Service to Facebook. There is both live and on demand video. You need a facebook account to view the (private) facebook page. And you need to contact Pastor so that your name can be added to the list permitted to view the videos,

There are also files for non-live viewing of the latest weekly Services. These will be available around noon of the following day. They will be in wmv format,and can be viewed by clicking an underlined link. You can use Windows Media Player or VLC which you can download here).